Alvaro Ras


Born in Buenos Aires, studied Cinematography and worked in advertisement cinema and television.

He started very young with the old school photography of long hours in the dark room, which manifest into the realism of the lights in his work, and at the same time the passion to tell stories throughout images as a consequence of his cinema background.


“ That thin line that divides fantasy from reality; classic photography as a realistic document and the digital art transformed into fantasy”


     That is the way that the author describes his work, where he looks for this new aesthetics that time will find its name.


Alvaro Ras photography is characterized by achieving a strong message full of imagination and of a distinguished quality.

All images are made with photos specially taken by the author and then “intervened” in Photoshop. There are no drawings, only his own photography.

This technique allows to ad aesthetics and information to the work, always telling a surrealistic story fulfilled of magic.

The Woman is always present as a muse and icon of our culture, sometimes close to animals, representing nature and origins as a counterpoint.

His work is his trademark. We can immediately recognize his extraordinary photography narrating always-another marvelous story.


His art is exhibited in different spaces and art galleries in Argentina and around the world.


Director of EFADA (School of Photography and Digital Art)

Director of Estudio Alvaro Ras, fashion and advertisement photography.